About Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products

Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products
Since their inception in 1985, Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Inc. (SEIP) has become one of the leading-edge technology manufacturers, producing state-of-the-art SUMITUBE® Heat Shrinkable Tubing. Their products conform to the latest industry standards for Quality, Testing, Safety and Environment.

Featured Product Lines

SUMITUBE® SA3 Dual Wall Splice Heatshrink
Sumitomo Sumitube Family
Specially formulated, durable heat-shrink tubing perfect for automotive applications
Irrax® Tape VZL
Sumitomo Tape VZL
Tape with irradiation technology used for applications requiring extreme resistance

Featured Heat Shrink Products

Series Type Shrink Ratio Temp Range
A2 / B2 General Purpose 2:1 -55C to +135C
O2B2 Dual Wall Adhesive 2:1 -55C to +110C
W3B2 Dual Wall Adhesive 3:1 -55C to +110C
SA3 Dual Wall Adhesive 4:1 -40C to +135C

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