Steinel Steinel Professional Heat Guns

STEINEL heat guns are indispensable tools for professional tradespeople and industry leaders. State of the art technology, solid workmanship and a wealth of applications make them ideal for welding plastics, shrink tubing, shaping thermoplastics or stripping paint. STEINEL professional heat tools get hot air straight to where it is needed. Precision control, versatility, longevity and great performance distinguish the products from the hot-air tool specialist.

Steinel Professional Heat Gun
Heat Gun Description
HG 2310 LCD LCD Programmable IntelliTemp™ Heat Gun with Locable Override Control™
HL 2010 E IntelleTemp™ Heat Gun with LCD Display
HL 1910 E Heat Gun with variable temperature and electronic thermocouple control
HL 1810 S Multi-purpose heat gun with cool air stage and 2 temperature settings

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