About Steinel

Steinel manufactures state-of-the-art heat guns for all industrial and professional uses. Their heat guns are ideal for heat shrink tubing and shaping or welding plastics. Steinel introduced their product line to North America in 1983 through Steinel America, Inc. Power & Signal Group has teamed up with Steinel to offer customers in the transportation and commercial vehicle markets a suitable tool for mass production of harsh environment wire harnesses.

Featured Product Lines

Professional Heat Guns
Professional Heat Gun
Indispensable, precise heat tool for professional tradespeople
Industrial Heat Guns
Industrial Heat Gun
Heat Guns designed for production of rigorous applications
Professional Heat Blowers
Professional Heat Blower
Ergonomically advanced high-output blower for any craftsman
Precision Hot Air Tools
Precision Air Tool
Optimized heat tools for exacting needs of even sensitive applications

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