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Song Chuan has been a leading provider of electromechnical power relays for more than 40 years. Their history of concentrating specifically on relays has given Song Chuan an unmatched expertise on this field. Customers of Song Chuan products are sure to discover top-quality, dependable relays, at affordable prices.

Featured Products

301 Series
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Micro 280 Automotive Relays (SPNO/SPDT)
303 Series
*alt text*
Ultra Micro 280 Automotive Relays (SPNO)
871 Series
*alt text*
Micro ISO Automotive Relays (SPNO/SPDT)
896 Series
*alt text*
Mini ISO Automotive Relays (SPNO/SPDT)
897 Series
*alt text*
High Power Mini ISO Automotive Relays (SPNO)
898 Series
*alt text*
Mini 280 Automotive Relays (SPNO/SPNC/SPDT)

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