Molex Sealed SFP Assemblies Integrated Optical and Electrical Receptacles

Gain valuable PCB real estate with Molex's Sealed SFP Assemblies.

The Sealed SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) assembly is an optical and electrical-integrated connection system, designed to maximize valuable real estate on the PCB while providing an environmentally rugged interface. The Industrial SFP receptacle features a panel feed-through design incorporating an internally-mounted SFP cage and related electrical circuitry.

Molex Sealed SFP Assemblies

This system was formerly named "Industrial SFP Assembly" but was changed to better reflect the ability for this system to be used in areas other than typical industrial applications including outdoor and harsh environments.

This unique interconnect system combines multiple components. The panel feed-through receptacle incorporates conductive sealing gasketing, a panel nut and dust cap, which may be used with either an 'optical module' (see 'D' in photo) assembly or an 'electrical module' (see 'C' in photo) assembly. The removable 'module' assembly contains the SFP cage, power filtering, high-speed copper flex and PCB connector. The SFP cage, electrical power filtering and a high-speed copper flex assembly are all contained within an environmentally durable, IP-67 grade (water and dust protection) industrial interface. The SFP receptacle, including the cage, is compatible with existing industrial cable assemblies, including ODVA (Open Device Net Vendors Association) compliant industrial ethernet (copper Cat 5 cabling) and industrial LC (optical duplex LC) assemblies. The SFP transceiver may be installed from either side of the receptacle, allowing for easy maintenance and upgrade of the SFP after the system is installed.

The sealed SFP assembly is connected to the customer's PCB using a high-speed, copper flex assembly from the internal SFP cage, to a board-to-board electrical connector. This extension allows the PCB engineer design flexibility in regards to deciding where the PCB connection is located on the board and reduces the footprint space required on the PCB. The spring-loaded Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) shielded cage is designed to accept most industry standard LC based optical SFP transceiver modules. The electrical version accepts the Molex 1000 Base-T SFP adapter (Series 74741).

Features and Benefits
Compatible with ODVA compliant optical and copper assemblies Industry standard interface
Accommodates copper or optical SFP devices Allows for future upgrade or backwards compatibility
IP-67 rated user interface Hardened interface for dust and water protection
Diecasthousing with electrically conductive gasket Durable receptacle also provides EMI suppression
Allows SFP device to be installed and/or removed from the front or back side of the receptacle Convenient for factory installations and field upgrades

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