Molex MX64 Sealed Single Row Connectors

MX64 Single Row Female Connectors Are Designed to USCAR Approved Footprints and Meet USCAR Testing Requirements.

Small and compact, the MX64 single row female connectors set the standard for 2.54mm (.100") pitch sealed connectors. Available sizes include the 1-by-2, 1-by-3, 1-by-4, 1-by-5, 1-by-6 and 1-by-8. These connectors also allow for the greatest level of flexibility by accommodating three different female terminal systems. These include the GET female terminal (Series 34230) commonly used at Ford Motor Company, the Kaizen female terminal commonly used at General Motors and the MX64 female terminals (Series 33467 and 33468) commonly used at Daimler, Chrysler and the general market.

Molex MX64 connector
Molex MX64 connector

In addition, by working with USCAR to optimize the overall size of these connectors, the 1-by-4, 1-by-5, 1-by-6 and 1-by-8 parts are tooled to the USCAR defined Z02 footprint resulting in up to a 25% size reduction in the mating interfaces.

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