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GEP Power Products
GEP Power Products is a manufacturer of power distribution systems for Transportation and Off-road equipment and vehicles. GEP focuses on providing custom, innovative solutions to its customers, but also offers a full range of standard power distribution products. Power & Signal Group works alongside GEP Power Products as its Master Distributor, ensuring all consumers in the transportation, recreational, and commercial vehicle industry receive world-class support and supply chain solutions.

The Transportation and Off Road markets are facing increasing power demands in today's electrical systems. These demands bring unique engineering and design challeneges.

The Goal of GEP and Power & Signal Group is to design and supply the solution to these challenges, while meeting or exceeding industry performance standards and specificiations. Among things considered when designing in product are:
  • Whether a custom design is needed or if a commercially available solution can be used
  • Space Availability within the application
  • Considerations for Harsh Environments
  • Mandates regulated by Government departments
  • Forecasts and Delivery Schedule of the program

Featured Products

Compact Sealed Fuse and Relay Holders
GEP Compact Fuse-and-Relay Holder
Ideal solution for auxiliary and accessory “add-on” applications in harsh environments.
Sealed Push-To-Seat Relay Holder
GEP Push-To-Seat Relay Holder
Relay Holder designed specifically for Mini ISO relays, Delphi 630 Metri-Pack terminals, and 480 Metri-Pack seals

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