Engineering Services

VA/VE Program (Value-added, Value-engineering)

The six-sigma principles have been widely touted by the transportation industry. We work closely with your VA/VE team to analyze entire processes and products, looking for ways to improve efficiencies in operations and remove unnecessary expenditures.

Supply Chain Management Services

Our supply chain managers are experienced material management professionals that will work with you to develop the supply chain solutions that achieve the lowest total cost of acquisition while providing the most flexibility. This process looks at parts, forecasts, personnel and other factors to uncover bottlenecks and broken links in processes. As the supply chain improves our customers are able to report reduced costs, greater profitability and improved market turnaround.

Customized Component Development/Application assistance

Our highly trained team of account managers and application specialists are available to assist customers as they look for product that meets their design parameters. Our representatives provide a range of services – from recommending the right product for your needs to uncovering product modifications that will meet your design needs.

Design and Workmanship Standards Program

Typically, customers may utilize a variety of engineers and contract manufacturers for their harness development work. Unless design and workmanship standards are in place you may have a hard time maximizing your component usage or controlling your manufacturers for quality. Power & Signal Group can work with your in-house teams to create Design and Workmanship standards, giving you greater cost and quality control over the whole design process.

Automotive Program Management Service

Landing the right automotive program contract is a focus for many of our customers. Once they get that contract, multiple resources must be expanded to review thoroughly the program, including bills of materials, drawings, schedules, etc. PSG’s Automotive Program Management service brings together all components of an automotive program and validates the data – bringing your team quickly up to speed on your company’s program specific requirements.