Aptiv Optimal Component Series (OCS) 1.5 Connection Systems

Optimal Component Series (OCS) 1.5 Sealed and Unsealed Connection Systems are engineered for enhanced warranty and reliability performance expected in today’s passenger vehicle applications. The OCS 1.5 Sealed and Unsealed Connection System’s compatibility with industry standard mating housing interfaces and terminal cavities enables easy integration for OEMs and their tiered suppliers.

The OCS 1.5 Sealed and Unsealed Connection Systems have been released for production. Manufacturers can contact Power & Signal Group for information regarding samples, specifications, validation results, and benchmark testing.

  • Designed for standard auto, light vehicle, and commercial vehicle markets
  • Engineered for USCAR standard compatibility and optimal warranty performance
  • 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16-way hand mate
  • Sealed and unsealed
  • USCAR footprint + 2 (6 indexes)
  • USCAR 1.5 cavity EWCAP-002
  • Pre-staged PLR
  • CPA capable unsealed and sealed
  • Matte cable seal
  • Punchable strain reliefs for blocking cavities

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