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Delfingen has developed global innovative protection solutions for the automotive industry for more than 60 years. Their wide range of convolute and sleeving products and accessories makes them the ideal choice for your requirements in electrical wiring protection and routing.

Power & Signal Group has worked with Delfingen since 2008 after Delfingen's acquisition of M&Q's convolute tubing division, which Power & Signal Group had previously distributed. Power & Signal Group's long-standing expertise in fiding the perfect convolute and sleeving for automotive and commercial vehicle applications makes them an ideal partner in new wire harness routing designs. Delfingen products are available at all global branches of Power & Signal Group, helping to ensure a consistent and reliable global supply chain.

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Convoluted Tubing

Convoluted tubing protects the wiring harness from harsh environments in the vehicle. Thanks to the multiple rib structure, Delfingen convoluted tubing provides high crush resistance while staying very flexible.

Multiple ribs profiles are available. All convoluted tubes can be delivered slit to ease wire insertion or non-slit. Made of thermoplastic resin, convoluted tubing is naturally a good electrical insulator, has excellent automotive fluid resistance and is available in various temperature grades. Installation is made easy thanks to assembly tooling and accessories.

Textile Sleeving

Used for tight routing constraints, Delfingen has developed a wide range of textile sleeving products to protect electrical wiring harnesses, fluid hoses and other systems in the vehicle.

Delfingen engineering teams have developed numerous textile products to provide answers to all your protection needs, with products including expandable, self­closing, reflective, heat-treated and coated sleeving.

Smooth Tubing & Accessories

Smooth tubing such as PVC is used to protect from slight shocks, frictions and possible peak temperatures. Delfingen offers several material grades and colors of smooth tubing.

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