About Cinch Connectivity Solutions


Cinch Connectivity Solutions supplies high quality, high performance connectors and PCB enclosures. Their solutions are custom-engineered to meet the most demanding of industry requirements. While Cinch products are known to support the military, aerospace, communication, and oil & gas industries (among others), their enclosures have been specially designed to suit the needs of the transportation market.

Featured Products

Modular Integrated Connector Enclosure (ModICE®)
High quality sealed packaging solutions for rugged electronic control module applications.
Mini Enclosures (ModICE ME)
An off-the-shelf, ready-to-use sealed mini enclosure for rugged electronics.
Mini RF Enclosure with Integrated SMA (ModICE ME-RF)
a unique mini enclosure with integrated SMA connectors for quick connect of antenna and other RF devices.
ModICE ME-MX Headers
Unique header plates integrating Molex MX150 receptacles used on standard Cinch enclosures.

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