TE Connectivity Sealed PDM Power Distribution Module

The TE Connectivity 60 Position PDM Meets the Performance Requirements of the Transportation Industry. Here are some benefits of a TE Connectivity Auxiliary PDM (Power Distribution Module)

  • Additional housing for fuses and relays at a low cost
  • Decreased engineering design time
  • Allows for remote mounting away from hazardous sections of the vehicle or where high heat causes problems for relays or fuses
  • Design allows for multiple relay and fuse configurations
  • Spare fuse storage with appropriate optional cover
  • Sealed unit, IP67, accepts sealed AMP MCP 2.8 mm contacts
  • Fuses can be removed by hand or by optional tool
  • -40 deg C to +80 deg C at 14.7 V DC
  • PDM surface allows for printing or labeling of fuse function
  • Bracket design information available
  • Each wire utilizes a single wire seal. A peripheral seal provides sealing with the cover
  • The PDM contains 60 cavities and accepts most 280 footprint mini-fuses, circuit breakers, and mini and micro relays
  • The 280 footprint allows the end user to customize device layout to meet electrical system requirements

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