Molex Hand Tooling

Low volume users can choose from a range of Molex® high quality ratcheting style hand tools. Hand tools are the most basic level of termination with the lowest cost equipment investment. A skilled hand tool operator can terminate approximately 180 crimps per hour, depending on the application. Within this level of tooling, Molex also offers battery and pneumatic style hand tools which can reduce the stress associated with manually cycling a hand tool by operator.

Premium Grade Hand Tool

Molex PremiumGrade™ hand tools are high quality ratcheting hand tools where the tool frames have been tested to a minimum of 50,000 cycles. Molex PremiumGrade™ tools will maintain their quality over time and will meet the crimping specification over the life of the tool (provided they are cared for properly). PremiumGrade™ are recommended by Molex for OEM production quality crimping, as these tools are designed with high precision, as well as locators (in most cases) to ensure the terminal is located properly prior to crimping. Locators and springs are usually available as replacement parts for PremiumGrade™ hand tools.

Service Grade Hand Tool

Molex ServiceGrade™ crimp hand tools are low cost ratcheting hand tools used in field repair for a limited number of terminations. If a high quality precision hand tool is required or a higher volume of terminations is required, please purchase the corresponding Molex PremiumGrade™ crimp hand tool. A ServiceGrade™ crimp tool may or may not have a terminal locator and in some case may need the locator removed to operate properly. ServiceGrade™ hand tools are not re-certified, therefore the pull force of each crimp termination should be verified against the pull force specification information supplied.When a ServiceGrade™ hand tool is no longer capable of achieving minimum pull force, the tool should be replaced. ServiceGrade™ hand tools do not have replacement parts available.

Hydraulic Tool

Molex Hydraulic Tools are high quality production tools that are combination air and hydraulic crimping systems, generally designed to crimp a wide range of products from 8awg to much larger. Hydraulic tools from Molex are versatile tools that allow for lower crimping costs due to either interchangeable die sets or no die sets where the operator adjusts the air pressure for a wide range of products. Hydraulic tools crimp terminals used in electrical and industrial applications such as generators, switch gear, transformers, motor controls, power distribution equipment, welding equipment, telecommunications and utilities. Hydraulic tools, if available are generally for 8awg and larger products.

Battery Tool

The Molex Battery Powered Tool is designed to crimp terminals with interchangeable modular crimp heads or power crimp heads along with tool kits, reducing the overall cost and providing production flexibility to end users. The modular crimp heads or power crimp heads and die sets are easily and quickly interchanged to reduce production down time. This tool has an automatic retractable system which returns the crimping adapter, along with the crimping dies, to the starting position when the maximum force is reached. It is equipped with a special brake that will stop the forward motion of the crimping dies when the trigger is released. The crimping head can be rotated 360° for better access in difficult working situations. The Molex Battery Tool comes with two quick charge batteries; each battery can cycle approximately 200 to 250 times before recharging is necessary. The batteries can be recharged in 40 minutes, ensuring a fully charged battery will be ready when needed.

Pneumatic Air Powered Crimping Tool

Molex offers hand tools that are pneumatically operated. This allows for the tool to close under air power and not under the hand force an operator. These systems allow for less operator fatigue and help provide a more consistent output over time. These pneumatic tools have interchangeable heads and dies that allow for lower cost and production flexibility for the end user. These interchangeable heads and dies are easily and quickly interchanged to reduce production down time. These types of tools usually offer bench mount adapter that allow the operator to be hands free during the crimping process for a higher output.

Ensure a good crimp with Molex crimp quality tools. Perform pull tests, measure crimp height, strip wire & cut cable more precisely and efficiently. Molex’s high quality and low cost tools are a must have for anyone concerned about production quality crimp terminations.

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