Molex XRC (Extra Rugged Circular) Sealed Plugs and Receptacles

XRC sealed, plastic-circular connectors meet the demanding requirements of the non-automotive transportation market.

Never before has Molex offered such an economical, rugged, sealed, circular connector. The XRC 14- and 31-circuit (18 and 24 shell size), circular connectors are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as trucks, buses and agricultural markets.

Molex XRC Connector

For maximum design flexibility, the XRC plugs and receptacles are available in standard and reverse gender. The connectors can be used for in-line or panel-mount applications.

A backshell is available for use with the 24-shell size products. The backshells easily snap onto the XRC housing after terminal assembly to aid in the mating and unmating of the connectors. Unique notches on the collar of the connector line up with corresponding features in the backshell for maximum grip. In addition, the notches ensure the backshell stays in place while turning the connector, so the backshell is not spinning freely around the connector.

Designed to meet IP67 standards, XRC plugs and receptacles protect against the ingress of dust, water and other contaminants to maintain the integrity of the mated pair. Plugs feature a quick-disconnect bayonet latch to provide quick and easy connections with reduced installation and service time while ensuring accurate mating depth.

Features and Benefits
Wire seals are imprinted instead of embossed or engraved (24 shell size, 31-circuit connectors only) Easier to see and identify each circuit for faster installation and field servicing
Backshells have unique notches on the collar and easily snap onto the XRC housing (for 24/31 connectors only) Notches provide easy line up for maximum grip and ensure the backshell remains in place while turning the connector; aid in mating and unmating of the connectors
Environmentally sealed to IP67 standard Protects against the ingress of dust, water and other contaminants
Standard and reverse terminal genders Allows for custom polarization
Bayonet-style latch Provides quick and easy connections for reduced installation and service time
Seal retainer collar Compatible with back-shell and overmolding applications
Tactile and audible mating feedback Facilitates reliable mating
Visual markings on outer shell Allow for visual alignment to facilitate easier mating
Simple crimp-and-poke technology Does not require terminal alignment when installing crimped wires

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