Molex Wire Management Products

Wire Management Products from Molex make identifying, protecting and organizing cables and wires a snap!

Standard cable ties provide a fast, easy solution for organizing tangles of cable and wire. Mounting cable ties are a one-piece plastic tie with a stud hole allowing you to bundle and mount with one unit. Cable tie mounting bases present yet another option for bundling and mounting cable and wires in conjunction with cable ties.

Molex Wire Management

Molex also offers a variety of heat shrink tubing. Made from Polyolefin, a flame retardant material with excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties, Perma-Fit can be used in a wide range of applications. Standard wall heat shrink tubing made of PVC resists most chemicals and oils, and conforms around sharp bends. Dual wall polyolefin shrink tubing with an adhesive liner is also available for applications that require superior strain relief and environmental sealing. Heat shrink tubing from Molex is ideal for protecting, identifying and insulating electrical components and cables or wires.

Our closed-end connectors offer a quick and easy way to pigtail two or more wires together, while our multi-lock connectors use insulation displacement technology to make in-line splices, pass through connections as well as pigtail and tap splices.

Lastly, wire connectors are a must for connecting two or more wires at a time. These industry standard connectors are offered in a variety of colors and styles, including twist lock, wing lock and high temperature versions.

Features and Benefits
Industry standard products Easy to use, easy to cross reference
Wire connectors feature fixed square-wire spring that conforms to the inside of the thermoplastic shell Provides a secure connection that will not relax over time
Heat shrink tubing available in various colors and wall thickness Allows for easy identification of wires for testing and maintenance in the field
Cable ties offer one piece construction Provides maximum strength and adjustability

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