Molex SRC - Sealed Rectangular Connectors

Highly reliable and high performance SRC connectors save on applied costs

The SRC connector system was developed to meet the need for a rugged, environmentally sealed connector system, supporting both low-level signals as well as current up to 40.0 amperes. The first connector in the standard line offered is the 84-way connector. The product uses proven and very successful Molex MX150T terminals. Together with the higher connector pin count and terminal retention forces (connector system retention greater than 200N), the performance of the SRC connector surpasses other products on the market.

Molex SRC

The Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) design assures that crimped terminal leads are properly locked into the connector (TPA will not be achieved if cover TPA will not seat into final lock position and the connector system will not latch if the terminal is not locked properly into position).

A matte-seal cap protects, securely retains and provides strain relief to the wire-seal interface. A single-handed lever lock secures the connection between the connectors.

Designed initially for the non-automotive transportation market, Molex's SRC connector may be applied easily to other markets due to the flexibility and capabilities of the product. Tooling solutions include FineAdjustT crimp-press applicators for high-volume production, as well as hand tools for low-volume production and field repairs.

Features and Benefits
Pre-assembled connector housing, seals, TPA components and matte-seal cap shipped in one piece Applied labor and cost savings
Easy terminal insertion and extraction Quick, low cost field repairs using common screw driver, needle nose pliers and terminals extraction tool
Integral, two-way matte and interface seals Exceeds "waterproof" demands as a true sealed connector system tested under submersed conditions and in various fluids
Superior electrical and mechanical performance capabilities (See product specification) Surpasses performance of most mature competitive products in the market
Simple crimp, poke and plug application No need to crimp individual wire seals
Unused circuits can be blocked using plastic seal plugs Facilitates flexibility of sealing unused circuits without adding complexity to part numbers and customer inventory

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