Molex Quick Disconnects

Quick Disconnects (QDs) are female terminals that mate with male tab terminals, tab adapters, and terminal blocks fitted with male tabs.

The terminal itself is constructed of tin-plated brass, per NEMA specifications. QDs can be fully insulated, non-insulated, or partially insulated. The insulators are either molded vinyl (PVC), extruded nylon, or molded nylon.

Molex Quick Disconnect

Several different products make up the Quick Disconnect family:

Fully Insulated Male Quick Disconnects

These fully insulated male Quick Disconnects are precision engineered, allowing the terminal to fit precisely into a female. This "splice" may be connected and disconnected without damage to the nylon insulation. The parts come in loose piece and on continuous carrier.

AviKrimp Fully Insulated Quick Disconnects

This is our top of the line Quick Disconnect. It is made of a Krimptite terminal with a brass sleeve on the barrel, and then completely insulated with a molded nylon housing. So you get all the benefits of an Avikrimp QD, plus it is fully insulated. Avikrimp Fully Insulated Quick Disconnects (FIQD) are fully licensed by TUV and tested to various VDE, IEC and DIN specifications.


This type of product is used when there is a space constraint, and a regular straight Quick Disconnect is too large. They are available in insulated and non-insulated versions.

Piggyback Quick Disconnects

Piggybacks can be used when multiple connections (also called piggyback) are required and there are a limited number of male tabs. The piggyback actually allows another QD to be connected to its tab and then the piggyback is connected to a tab.

Snap Plugs and Receptacles

These devices are available in both insulated and non-insulated versions. They are used in a variety of applications where a "quick disconnect" connection is needed, but there is not enough space for a normal QD coupler. The snap plug is a round bullet-like terminal that plugs or "snaps" into the female receptacle. Like a coupler set, the male and female pieces can be connected and disconnected many times.

PCB Tabs

Molex offers a large selection of standard PCB-mountable Quick Disconnect terminals. Some products offer a tab support mounting feature, which provides increased mounting reliability and terminal strength. Both strip applied and loose piece packaging are available. All products can be easily inserted into printed circuit boards using widely available, industry standard bench-type, and fully automated XY insertion tooling. Products are available in both vertical and right angle mounting configurations, are manufactured to NEMA specifications, and are UL and CSA recognized.

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