Molex Perma-Fit™

Perma-Fit heat shrink tubing is high quality with a wide variety of uses.

Available in a wide variety of lengths from 6-inch cut pieces to 1000' spools, PermaFit is the perfect fit for any application! Thin-wall tubing made of polyolefin has excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties that meet both industrial and military requirements for general purpose tubing. Standard wall heat shrink tubing made of PVC resists most chemicals and oils, and conforms around sharp bends. Dual wall polyolefin shrink tubing with an adhesive liner is also available for applications that require superior strain relief and environmental sealing.

Molex Perma-Fit

Heat shrink tubing from Molex is ideal for protecting, identifying and insulating electrical components and cables or wires.

Features and Benefits
Lengths available from 6" cut pieces to 1000 continuous feet Allows maximum flexibility for any application
Available in various colors(Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow and Clear) Aid in identifying wires for easier testing and maintenance in the field
Meets industrial and military requirements for highly reliable, general purpose tubing Ideal for wide variety of applications
Adhesive lining available on some Perma-Fit heat shrink tubing Providing superior strain relief and resistance to vibration, abrasion and corrosion
PVC material Resists most chemicals and oils, as well as sunlight, moisture and fungus
Polyolefin material Flame retardant and has excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties
Heavy wall tubing (dual wall) available UL listed for submersible and direct burial applications

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