Molex Mini-Fit Plus HCS™ (High-Current System)

The Mini-Fit Plus HCS™ crimp terminals, headers and receptacles deliver up to 13.0A with extended durability for higher-current, mid-range power applications, without increasing design footprints

Mini-Fit Plus HCS male and female crimp terminals are produced from a proprietary, high-current alloy, providing enhanced high-performance current-carrying capability. The Mini-Fit Plus HCS product family consists of crimp terminals, headers and PCB receptacles; 13.0A per circuit can be achieved using 16 AWG wire.

Molex Mini-fit HCS

The female contacts feature a patented, elongated dimple design to provide more contact area and a longer contact wipe over standard Mini-Fit terminals. Mini-Fit Plus HCS terminals can be used with all existing Mini-Fit® plug and receptacle housings. In addition, all standard Mini-Fit right-angle headers (Series 5569, 42404, 43810, 46991) are inherently HCS compatible, as they feature a solid-pin construction which is designed to handle high current.

Features and Benefits
Crimp terminals produced from a proprietary, high-current alloy Rated up to 13.0A per circuit
Terminals feature a patented, elongated dimple design Provides longer wipe lengths and increased contact area over standard Mini-Fit terminals
100 mating cycles with gold plating; 75 mating cycles with tin plating achieved Ideal for applications requiring a high number of mating cycles
Available in wire-to-wire, wire-to-board and board-to-board configurations Can be used in multiple applications
Mini-Fit Plus HCS male and female crimp terminals are used with existing Mini-Fit receptacle and plug housings New crimp housings are not required
Crimp terminals are compatible with existing Molex crimp tooling No new tooling is required

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