Molex MX150 Sealed Headers

Submersible MX150™ single- and dual-row headers offer superior sealing and electrical performance to simplify direct wire-to-board connections in high–temperature, under-hood and on-chassis transportation environments.

The MX150 sealed headers are being developed to meet the demand for rugged, environmentally sealed, connector systems for use in high-temperature automotive and other transportation applications. Molex’s sealing interface has been optimized to meet IP6K7 and IP6K9K sealing requirements.

Molex MX150 Header

Designed for under-hood and on-chassis vehicle environments, the MX150 sealed headers complement the widely used and industry-recognized MX150 female receptacle connectors (series 33471 and 33472). MX150 sealed headers are designed to be attached with addhesives to an aluminum casting or molded plastic module housing to offer increased sealing capability for the most demanding environments. Today Molex offers a complete line of wire-to-wire connection systems in single- and dual-row configurations. For wire-to-board applications, customers have been required to tool the USCAR-specified interface directly into the device for which they are responsible. MX150 headers will simplify customer device tooling by incorporating the interface geometry directly into the sealed headers. Customers will no longer need to maintain the stringent USCAR dimensional requirements in tooling to meet USCAR footprint requirements.

Features and Benefits
High-temperature thermoplastic housing Withstands wave soldering processing plus tin/lead IR-reflow soldering and withstands class 3 (-40 to +125°C) operating environments
Solder-tail and compliant-pin electrical interfaces Provide module design flexibility and compliant-pin headers can be utilized for lead-free, infrared (IR) reflow applications
Header retention design Protects adhesive joints during connector mating and unmating
Sealing geometry Incorporates a spray shield necessary to meet IP6K7 and IP6K9K sealing performance requirements
Board alignment and retention features Simplify header PCB placement and retain header to PCB during soldering operation(s)

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