Molex MX150L Sealed Connector System

MX150L is a high performance connector system suitable for the challenging, rugged and harsh applications found in non-automotive transportation, solar and other outdoor environments.

The MX150L is an environmentally sealed connector system ideal for low-level signal applications as well as power applications. The recent MX150L 8, 10 and 12 AWG additions are designed to meet the need for a rugged, environmentally sealed connector system supporting high-power applications and long-voltage runs to eliminate voltage drops.

Molex MX150L

The MX150L connectors can also be modified to meet UV and water resistance requirements for solar and other outside applications. The new pitch and wire gauge options add to the existing product family of 14 to 22 AWG with a 5.84mm (.230") pitch. The 7.62mm (.300") pitch supports up to 40.0A per circuit. To further expand the MX150L connector system, Molex introduces sealed panel-mount plugs for 8, 10 and 12 AWG applications. This new design provides additional options, allowing customers to design the ideal solution for their end product. Available in wire-to-wire, wire-to-panel or wire-to-board configurations, this connector system can perform in on-engine automotive applications, marine and even off-road construction equipment applications.

Because MX150L features all-in-one plug and receptacle housings with pre-assembled mat-wire and interfacial connector seals this connector system provides significant applied labor and cost savings. The simple crimp, poke and plug application eliminates the need to crimp individual wire seals. Once installed, easy terminal insertion and extraction offers quick, low-cost repairs using common screwdriver, needle nose pliers and terminal extraction tool. Tooling solutions include FineAdjustT crimp press applicators for high-volume production, as well as hand tools for low-volume production and field repairs.

Features and Benefits
Sealed panel-mount plugs are equipped with blind-hole boss feature Improves sealing process during assembly by eliminating leak path and reducing extra hardware
Pre-assembled connector housings and TPA components shipped in one-piece Applied labor and cost savings
Simple crimp, poke and plug application No need to crimp individual wire seals
Integral terminal position assurance (TPA) Assures that crimped terminal leads are properly locked into connector (TPA will not seat into final lock position and connector system will not latch if terminal is not locked properly into position)
Integral, two-way mat seal on the mating connector designed and tested to IEC IP 67 Exceeds "waterproof" demands as a true sealed connector system tested under submersed conditions in various fluids
Two independent terminals (12-10 AWG) Allows you to support 30.0A applications with 10-12 AWG terminals & 40.0A applications with 8 AWG terminals
Audible and tactile clicks on insertion, extraction and mating Feedback facilitates reliable mating and terminal loading and removal
7.62mm (.300") pitch housing design with 2 styles of terminals for wire styles from 10 - 12 AWG as well 8 AWG Allows flexibility in selecting from a wide range of wire styles and insulation thicknesses, (O.D. ranges .155 to .237") to support numerous applications

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