Molex MX123 Sealed Connection Systems

Molex has developed a fully-sealed, high-performance MX123 connection system that offers the smallest packaging size in the industry, designed for transportation power-train applications that accommodate low-level signal and high-current load requirements.

MX123 is a fully sealed, high-performance connection system optimized for transportation power-train applications in the most challenging under-hood environments. MX123 connection systems are currently used in on-engine automotive applications, off-road construction and industrial equipment. The MX123 system maintains low and stable contact resistance under severe temperatures and vibrations.

Molex MX123 Connector

The system consists of lever (mate-assist) receptacles that reduce harness-assembly complexity by integrating the housing, lever, Positive Latch Reinforcement (PLR) and Connector Position Assurance (CPA) components. Sealing performance and package size are optimized by utilizing interfacial and matte-seal technologies. The matte-seal technology reduces package size and harness-assembly complexity by allowing closer center-to-center terminal spacing and by eliminating the need for crimping individual cable seals. The interfacial seal is interior to the connector shroud, protecting if from damage during harness handling. The header pins are protected from scooping by a center wall that extends longer than the terminal length. This innovative connection system is based on two terminal systems, 064- and 280-size terminals, to provide optimal electrical performance. The 064-size terminal system has increased normal force and selective precious plating required to maintain performance characteristics in the most demanding environments.

The MX123 lever receptacles mate with the MX123 vertical headers. The headers have been designed to provide customer flexibility by offering two mounting-style options, three PCB electrical strategies and multiple-plating options. The headers are designed to be vertically mounted from the top or bottom of a casting. They are available for through-hole solder processing, compliant-pin, or wire-bonding technologies with precious plating (Gold or Silver).

Features and Benefits
Receptacle and header housings with 6 unique mechanical polarization options and unique color coding Offers the ability to use multiple connectors on one module without the risk of cross-mating incorrect harness connectors
Wire dress available in 2 options: 0 and 180° orientation Allows for wire-routing design flexibility
Anti-scooping features Friendly to "blind-mate" conditions
Integrated TPA and CPA Reduces assembly complexity
Available with pin deletes (knock out patterns) Allow for harness customization
Optional Header Terminal Filtering Eliminates cross talk between adjacent circuits
PCB tail customization: available with solder-tail or compliant-pin technology Allows for PCB design flexibility
Header placement flexibility Top or bottom header loading to streamline module manufacturing processes
Precious Plating Stable contact resistance under extreme temperature and vibration conditions
Lever retention lock on harness connector Retains lever in pre-lock position prior to installation

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