Molex HS AutoLink

Leveraging Molex expertise at producing high-speed cable technology and adapting to needs of the emerging segment of the "Connected Vehicle" (Vehicle to Vehicle communications, Infotainment and Telematics), Molex introduces the HSAutoLink Interconnect System

Molex HS Autolink

Molex continues its momentum of leveraging and migrating data communication technology to the automotive and transportation industries. HSAutoLink (alternatively referenced as USCAR USB) is the emerging high-speed data bus for vehicles. The data bus encompasses technologies used in other markets such as Universal Serial Bus (USB 2.0), Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS), IEEE 1394b (FireWire*), FlexRay, eMOST and Ethernet.

Molex has packaged an economical and widely deployed five-pin shielded connection system from the consumer market into a more rugged connector system to meet automakers' mechanical requirements. The automotive industry-standard interface known as USCAR-30 supports USB 2.0 requirements for OEM system certification. The new, sturdy family of HSAutoLink connectors and cables will bring USB and other technologies into the information and entertainment systems in vehicles.

Cable assemblies utilizing the USB Standard A receptacle provide shrouded and latching capabilities for mounting in a vehicle, providing a consumer interface for vehicle passenger use. Following similar design principles, the HSAutoLink cabling system is specified to allow for positive latching and connection to a media module within the vehicle. This connection links with the media module allowing a digital-signal conversion to a vehicle's more traditional-analog signal, enabling the use of devices such as MP3 players, flash drives, portable navigation systems, etc.

Three primary cable configurations (Series 111005, 111014 and 111015), along with the keyed headers right-angle (Series 49616) and vertical (104004), will allow for various packaging options and offer integration engineers the opportunity to more easily design-in Molex's HSAutoLink connector system.

*FireWire is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Features and Benefits (USCAR USB, 1394 Automotive and LVDS Cable Assemblies)
Shrouds and latches standard Rugged connectors meet USCAR requirements
Full-length cable shielding Superior signal performance and reduced Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI)
Standard Molex automotive and USB connector components used Provides ease-of-use and simplified assembly process
USCAR-30 compliant Provides qualified and market tested USB electrical performance


Features and Benefits (USCAR USB Header)
Rugged assembly with positive latching and assembly guide rails Provides a proven interface offering good mechanical performances (mating force, unmating force and polarization efficiency)
Pre-assembled housing and industry-standard USB 2.0 certified mini-B header Meets all USB 2.0 electrical and EMI shielding requirements: USCAR-30 compliant
Vacuum pick-n-place capability from embossed tape-and-reel packaging Offers a high degree of manufacturing ease
Pre-alignment and solder hold down posts for shield assembly and main housing body Provides robust PCB mount retainment
Multiple header keying options (A and B available now, additional options will be available) Polarization keying provides assurance of proper mating with side-by-side parts
Use high-temperature plastic Compatible with Lead-free through-hole reflow process (pin-and-paste)

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