Molex H-DAC 64™ Single-Row Connectors

H-DAC 64 single row connectors offer a space-saving solution for low-circuit count-unsealed applications

The H-DAC 64 single row product family was designed to offer a space-saving alternative to single row USCAR-designed connectors. The H-DAC 64 single row connection system meets all unsealed USCAR-2 class 2 requirements while offering a 33% reduction in package size.

H-DAC 64 Single-Row Connector

This versatile product line consists of vertical and right angle 4-circuit headers, plus male and female in-line connectors available in 3 to 6 circuit configurations. Each terminal is capable of supporting both low-level signal as well as low-power applications up to 10.0A.

Features and Benefits
Circuit Sizes: 1X3, 1X4, 1X5, & 1X6 Wide product offering tooled in high-multiple cavitations to support customer's needs
Scoop-proof housing Protects against accidental bending of pins
Three polarization options available in standard USCAR coloring scheme (black, gray and brown) Color differentiation gives the operator visual aid during assembly to reduce the possibility of mating incorrect polarizations
TPA feature Provides increased final terminal retention
Positive lock provides audible click during mating Gives feedback to operator to ensure mated system is secured in high-vibration systems
Optional clip slot feature Clip slot aids in vehicle routing by offering optional orientation clip attachment

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