Molex H-DAC 64™ Dual-Row High Density Automotive Connectors

H-DAC 64™ Dual Row Female Connectors Meet USCAR Testing Requirements

Automotive connectors face the toughest environments, most demanding standards, tightest tolerances and smallest margins for error. Given that benchmark, Molex re-introduces the H-DAC 64 family of 0.64mm (.025") width interconnect products. With automotive electrical applications increasing constantly, and space for them decreasing, Molex is committed to producing smaller, more flexible interconnect systems, including the 0.64mm (.025") family of connectors.

Molex H-DAC 64

Available in 6 - 20 circuits, plus a 24-way hybrid, the H-DAC 64 product line includes vertical and right angle headers, wire-to-wire and wire-to-board receptacles, and wire-to-wire connectors. Originally developed to accommodate various radio applications, these connectors are finding their way into lighting controls, navigation systems and many other controller applications where durability, reliability and flexibility are critical.

The header housings incorporate alignment pegs that secure the header to the PCB until it is permanently soldered, ensuring correct placement every time. The receptacle housing contains flexible lock fingers with a terminal position reassurance (TPA) feature. Together, these enable superior terminal retention inside the receptacle. Both the receptacle and headers feature scoop-proof housings that protect against accidental bending of pins, making assembly easier. In addition, we have incorporated a positive latching system that provides maximum mating security in high vibration applications. Housings may be molded in three polarizations configurations, providing maximum flexibility and security in mating options.

Features and Benefits
Sizes 6 - 20 circuits and 24-way hybrid Fully tooled, wide product offering
Scoop-proof housing Protects against accidental bending of pins
Three polarization options available in three different colors (gray, black and natural) Protects against mis-mating
Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) Provides increased final terminal retention
Positive lock provides audible click during mating Ensures mated system is secured in high vibration systems
Version with bridge over the primary lock available Increases primary lock shear strength

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