Molex CMC Connectors

The Molex family of CMC Hybrid Connectors provides a sealed, high-density, modular and cost-effective connection system for heavy-duty, powertrain and body-electronics applications in the transportation industry.

The CMC connector family from Molex is a sealed, high-density connection system developed for the transportation industry.

Molex CMC Connectors

CMC is designed to perform in high-conductivity applications and in harsh environments. CMC connection systems are used in power train applications including engine-control units (ECU’s), compartment applications, gearboxes, electronic parking brakes and suspension controllers, together with body electronics applications in automotive and commercial vehicles. Standard CMC hybrid connectors hold two different terminal sizes, CP 0.635mm (.025”) and CP 1.50mm (.059”). Power CMC hybrid connectors hold three different terminal sizes, CP0.635mm (.025”), CP 1.50mm (.059”) and CP 2.80mm (.110”).

Features and Benefits (Standard and Power Connector)
Color coding Easy visual installation
Mechanical polarization Avoids mis-mating
Audible click during locking Secures locking with the header
Tie wrap as additional fixing feature Added security of the wire output
Multiple terminal sizes available Support low, medium and high-current data requirements


Features and Benefits (High Performing Sealing Function)
Matte seal technology used for CP 0.635mm (.025") and 1.50mm (.059") terminals High-performing sealing due to seal cavity design using several sealing lips
Single wire-seal technology used for CP 2.80mm (.110") terminals Secure and reliable sealing for 2.80mm (.110") CP terminals
Multiple choices of backplate configurations Allows customer to reduce the number of circuits used with a closed-cavity backplate configuration
Blind plugs for unused circuits Secure sealing system when flexibility is required for unused cavities with a standard backplate

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