ITT Cannon J1772: Electric Vehicle Connectors

Built in accordance with all regional EV Standards. Ergonomically designed modular coupler handles. Robust contact system with charging options rated to 75A. Low contact resistance. Minimum of 10k mating cycles. Strain Relief system eliminates over stressing and provides IP44 protection.


  • Provides flexible charging options from 15A to 75A AC, low contact resistance, and a minimum of 10k cycles.
  • Drain holes located at the bottom of the coupler
  • Dual locking system
  • J1772 Inlet


  • Cable options form #6 AWG - #14 AWG
  • Sealing to meeting and exceed UL50
  • Up to 75A AC charging option
  • Low contact resistance of 100mA
  • UL, cUL, and CE Certified Couplers and Inlets Only


  • Home EV Charging Units
  • Public Charging Stations
  • Roadside Assistance Trucks
  • Fleet Trucks
  • EV Mass Transit Vehicles
  • Electric Watercraft
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Electric Motorcycles
  • Electric Agriculture Vehicles

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