Amphenol Sine AT-SR01 Series™

The AT-SR01 Series™ (Strain Relief) offer specifically designed wire cavities to protect each individual wire seal, eliminating stress on the rear seal, maintaining IP67 sealing performance regardless of wire bundle direction or improper installation. The AT-SR01™ Series is a cost-effective and highly-reliable solution for wire routing, strain relief and sealing issues common in Heavy Duty applications. It ensures a complete environmental seal and necessary strain relief on the production line and in the field.

Benefits of AT-SR01 Series™ Strain Relief Connectors
  • Enhanced sealing plugs have been redesigned for simplified insertion and removal, improved retention capabilities and include a positive 'stop' for full insertion verification.
  • Heat-shrink capable 'lip' for applications requiring heat shrink. (The use of heat shrink is NOT required to meet IP67 standards.)
  • Integral design saves labor and reduces assembly time and overall harness costs. No need to assemble costly back shells or boots.
  • AT-SR01 Series™ meets all the performance criteria and specifications of the AT Series™, and is also available in a wide variety of custom colors.

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