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Delfingen TwinVolt

TwinVolt is a specific dual channel convoluted tube designed for electric and hybrid vehicles. The two separate compartments reduce abrasion and contact problems between cables and restrict their mutual heating (thermal protection), therefore, TwinVolt reinforces protection and safety. Both tubes are linked every 300mm. This design brings a high flexibility to the wire harness, and allows separation of each tube at the extremities, for routing ease and continuous protection.

Delfingen TwinVolt

The tube doesn't twist. It helps reduce the number of components and the use of standard fasteners (only one piece, less fasteners, existing fastening components). TwinVolt is proposed in various thermoplastic grades depending on your temperature requirments, and can be delivered slit or unslit, in bulk or cut pieces TwinVolt is particularly well suited for underbody power cable routing, battery cables, etc. The two channels can also be used to route the power cable and the data cables separately.

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