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Delfingen Techniflex

The Techniflex convoluted tubing ensures the protection and insulation of wire harnesses. Use is particularly recommended when there is a risk that a standard convoluted tubing will open or that there might be an aggression at the slit.

Techniflex can be delivered in bulk or cut pieces. Standard diameters are 6 to 29mm, and black in color. Other colors are available upon request.

Accessories such as elbows, crosses, tee fittings, etc. are compatible with the convoluted tubing.

The Techniflex convoluted tubing has a strip at the tubing slit which closes the tubing after the cable has gone through. The single strand conductors, which form the wiring, cannot come out of the tubing. Conversely, no foreign body, for example a screw head, can get into the tubing. The tubing slit eases assembly and allows the preformed wire to be dressed. A very limited amount of tape is required to close this tubing.

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