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Delfingen Oval Tubing

Oval tubing is a thermoplastic convoluted tube designed to protect electrical cables. The grades of plastic used for this product are tested for the automotive applications, and have an excellent resistance to all common fluids in the car. Oval tubing is suited for floor, under carpet and door panel harnesses, where the cable need to be maintained flat, and particularly for the routing of the harness under the body of the car.

Benefits of Oval Tubing:

  • The oval section keeps the wire bundle in a flat position for space concerns.
  • The ribs provide a good flexibility of the tube, for routing ease, as well as an excellent crush resistance.
  • Straight sections can be added locally to position the fasteners and facilitate the installation on the car.
  • Available in different sizes
  • Can be delivered slit or non-slit in cut pieces to fit your application

Smooth tubing is usually delivered in a nonslit version, but can be split upon request. It is packed in spools or sold in cut pieces upon customer request.

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