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Delfingen GAFMIL™

The convoluted tubing GAFMIL™ is specifically designed to provide the protection benefits of a non slit-tube (full protection of the wire against dirt, abrasion, short bending radius and risk of wire exposure) with the ease of assembly of a slit tube.

Benefits of GAFMIL™ Products

  • Reduction of assembly cycle time
  • Weight reduction
  • High mechanical protection of wires
  • Tapeless solution
  • Fill ratio up to 95%
  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly solution
Delfingen GAFMIL

GAFMIL™ is a one piece slit closeable plastic convoluted tube made of two C shaped shells connected by a hinge, locking onto each other. The first convolute portion takes place on the wire harness, the second portion pivots thanks to the hinge and covers the first one. The obtained product is equivalent to a SOFLEX convuluted tubing.

The overlap between the two convoluted portions avoids the risk of wire exposure, even in low radius curve zones. This convoluted tube is made of flame proof polypropylene, which doesn't absorb moisture and provide excellent electrical insulation properties.

GAFMIL™ is also available in other plastic grades.

*** Please note that not all sizes and material grades on the datasheet are currently tooled ***

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