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Efficient. Reliable. Protective.

The Delphi J1939 Terminating Resistor is an insert molded resistor end cap which mates to a sealed Delphi GT connection. The resistor blades and mating terminal are gold plated to provide a reliable contact interface. This product provides a cost-effective in-harness option for the CAN system.

The Delphi J1939 is ideally suited for use with CAN bus systems designed to help meet the increased loads on electrical/electronic architecture systems in commercial vehicles, including off-highway, agricultural and construction equipment.

Terminating Resistor  
  • Cost-effective and space-efficient design
  • Complies with SAE J1939 standards
  • Sealed connection system for environmental protection
  • Mating connector provides connector seal protection
  • Gold plated terminal contact interface for high reliability
  • Robust for use in high-vibration environments
  • Easy to install/easily replaced in service

Part Information

Part Number Part Description
15429045 Assemby connector 2M GT 150 sensor (includes terminating resistor sub- assembly)
13510085 2-Way 150 GT sealed (mating harness connector)
15355128 TPA (terminal position assurance)
12191152 Cable seal - white (1.20 mm - 1.90 mm diameter) tape
12191226 Cable seal - white (1.20 mm - 1.90 mm diameter) loose
12191153 Cable seal - blue (1.86 mm - 2.40 mm diameter) tape
12191227 Cable seal - white (1.86 mm - 2.40 mm diameter) loose
15326426 Terminal female gold plated (0.5 mm2 0.35 mm2)
15326427 Terminal female gold plated (1.0 mm2 0.8 mm2)

The Delphi SAE J1939 Terminating Resister is currently available in ten (10) resistor values.
Review product print 13534897 for more information.

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