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Molex Applicators
Molex applicators offer the most advanced and universal applicators available in the industry, helping improve end user output and production flexibility.

Molex Presses
Molex presses are among the highest quality production machines in the market, also offering presses the accept industry standard applicators

Molex SRC
Molex Sealed Rectangular Connectors (SRC) offer a high circuit (84-way) solution supporting low-level signals and current up to 40 AMPs.

Molex MX150 Sealed Connectors
MX150 is Molex's flagship high-performance connector that comes pre-assembled and is suitable for SAE-style wire configurations in the automotive industry.

Molex MX150L
MX150L connectors are high performance and suited for low-level power and signal applications, and can be modified to meet UV and water resistance.