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Stop Hunting for Parts with Amphenol Sine AT Kits
Amphenol Sine AT Kits contain connectors, wedgelocks, and contacts all in one convenient package. No more hunting down mating components! These kits are perfect for dealers, service shops, and as an aftermarket components option. Read more...
Cost Effective Heat Shrink Solution – SEIP SA3
SUMITUBE® SA3 Dual Wall, 4 to 1 heat shrink is ideal for automotive applications like under the hood harnesses because it is resistant to all automotive fluids, dirt contamination, moisture, under the hood temperature cycling and flexing and vibration while maintaining electrical integrity. Read more...

Introducing the rugged and reliable Molex ML-XT™
The ML-XT connection system offers market-leading high-performance seal technology and reliability for critical vehicle-wiring applications in harsh environments. This system can easily withstand high temperatures, as well as exposure to harsh chemicals. Read more...


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