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Cost Effective Heat Shrink Solution – SEIP SA3
SUMITUBE® SA3 Dual Wall, 4 to 1 heat shrink is ideal for automotive applications like under the hood harnesses because it is resistant to all automotive fluids, dirt contamination, moisture, under the hood temperature cycling and flexing and vibration while maintaining electrical integrity. Read more...

Trident - ITT Cannon's Ruggedized Plastic Rectangular & Circular Connectors
Learn about the robust, lightweight and cost effective solution perfect for harsh environments. This series uses fully interchangeable terminals, saving you money and time in purchasing and using tooling. Read more...

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What's New with Amphenol's ATHD Heavy Duty Sealed Connector?
The heavy duty ATHD connector series for size 12 and size 8 power contacts are sealed, single pole, in-line connection systems to replace splices and/or provide power wherever needed. The power connectors are designed for high vibration applications in the heavy-truck market. Read more...